Friday, 5 April 2019


FIVE armed robbers pounced on a Chinese- owned steel making company in Bulawayo and assaulted workers before robbing the company of more than US$6 000 and a safe with an undisclosed amount of money in different currencies.

The robbers who were armed with a pistol, knives and iron bars, stole the company’s Amarok car valued at US$45 000 and used it as a getaway car.

The robbery occurred on Thursday at about 5.15PM at Naisonale Investments situated in Kelvin West industrial site near Plus Five Pharmacies. Naisonale Investments is one of the city’s thriving steel companies.

The armed robbers allegedly threatened to shoot the workers if they dared resist orders as they rounded them up while assaulting them.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Precious Simango, confirmed the armed robbery yesterday.

“Police in Bulawayo are investigating a case of armed robbery which occurred in Kelvin West Bulawayo on April 4, 2019 at about 5.15PM. Five unknown accused persons pounced on the complainant’s premises armed with a pistol. The accused persons produced the pistol and ordered five employees into one office. The accused persons further demanded cash, cellphones, car keys and safe keys from the complainant,” said Chief Insp Simango. 

She said after robbing the employees and managers of cash, cellphones, car keys and safe keys, the robbers also took away a safe which had cash whose value is unknown.

“They went away with cash US$6 529, R2 155, RTGS $1 484, five cellphones valued at RTGS $615 and an unknown amount which was in the safe. A report was made at Western Commonage Police Station and officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) homicide attended the scene and no recoveries or arrests were made,” she said.

Chief Insp Simango urged companies to avoid keeping large sums of money at their premises as doing so puts them at risk of being robbed.

The company was closed when the Chronicle news crew visited the premises yesterday.

One of the managers who identified himself as Mr Murairwa spoke to the news crew through a small opening at the gate.

He said his bosses had not cleared him to speak to the press but however said the raid happened so fast that it was difficult to explain the sequence of events. 

“They were just too fast as they moved into our premises while others waited outside. I cannot say how many they were but what I know is that they assaulted our Chinese bosses demanding cash,” he said

Mr Murairwa said one of his bosses was hit with the butt of a pistol on the head while the other one was stabbed on the buttocks with a knife.

“They were both rushed to Mater Dei Hospital where they are receiving treatment. The armed robbers drove away in the Amarok car which they later abandoned in the city,” he said.

Mr Murairwa, who seemed to be in a hurry said he did not know how much was stolen.

“There are some CID homicide detectives who are investigating the robbery, I’m very busy,” said Mr Murairwa, as he left the news crew. Chronicle


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