Sunday, 28 April 2019


Four men have appeared in court after  they were arrested for selling counterfeit stock feeds packaged in National Foods Limited branded 50kg bags.

Patson Sungai (22), Learnmore Chari (36), Lazarus Musariri (34) and Timothy Masiiwa (31) appeared before Mbare Magistrate Stanford Mambanje facing two charges of unlawful use of a trademark as defined under the Trademark Act chapter 26:04.

They are also accused of Contravening Section 6 (a) of the Statutory Instrument 79 of 2017 on purchases, possession and disposal of agricultural inputs. According to the State, the four accused unlawfully and intentionally used the trade mark name of National Foods to sale their counterfeit stock feeds products realizing that there is real risk or possibility that it is not the product of National foods limited. 

The court heard that On 25 April 2019, the four were arrested at Nenyere flats in Mbare after the Mbare District police had received a tip-off that the accused were selling fake and toxic stock feeds in National Foods packaging. Police have since recovered six 50kg bags of presidential input seeds, eight 50kg of bread crumbs, eight 50kg of the counterfeit stock feeds, three stitching machines and National foods Limited product tugs at number 5 Block C5 Nenyere flats in Mbare.

The four denied the charges and were granted $40 bail with the magistrate saying they were first time offenders.

The case was remanded to 12 June. Sunday Mail


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