Sunday, 24 March 2019


THREE lawyers have been banned from practising in Zimbabwe following their de-registration.

The three are Tayengwa Dugmore Muskwe, Rudo Ollyn Kanyenze and Tendai Amon Toto. This brings to nine the number of lawyers deregistered between 2018 and this year.

Since 1997, at least 39 lawyers have been banned from practicing, according to the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) and the registrar of the High Court.

Deviant lawyers normally commit white collar crimes as they mediate property sales, recover debts and a host of other legal services that they execute on behalf of their clients.
 Despite incidences where its members are de-registered, the LSZ this week reassured members of the public that it remains an effective regulator of the legal profession.

“The profession is full of many honest and diligent lawyers. Every now and then some bad apples may find their way into the profession,” the LSZ said in a statement.

“In those cases, the LSZ has swiftly moved in to suspend or to seek de-registration of those who would have transgressed. The Law Society Council deals effectively with substantiated complaints of misconduct against lawyers, which are formally placed before it.

“Members of the public are therefore advised that the legal profession remains a noble profession.”

The Legal body has however castigated claims by the Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi that lawyers dominated the list of corrupt individuals.

The LSZ said corruption is a grave crime which requires serious attention and effective strategies to deal with.

“Not only is it a criminal offence, it is also a serious act of misconduct for lawyers. Thus the Law Society is perplexed to learn of such gross allegations against its members, which are not only exaggerated but disparaging in nature.

“We accordingly call upon him (Hodzi) to execute his duties diligently, independently, professionally and with integrity.

“More specifically we call upon him to have a dispassionate approach to justice.
“The LSZ wishes to reassure members of the public that it remains an effective regulator of the legal profession,” the LSZ said. Daily News


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