Thursday, 7 March 2019


MDC-Alliance president Mr Nelson Chamisa has gagged senior party leaders from commenting on the party’s congress in the media as he struggles to contain the simmering tension among members.

He also skirted giving details on his so-called diplomatic offensive that he claimed to have embarked on last week, saying his opponents should not know who he had met.

This is despite the fact that the party issued a media statement saying Mr Chamisa had embarked on a diplomatic offensive of meeting leaders on the continent amid indications that he met charismatic religious leaders in Ghana.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday soon after holding a Standing Committee meeting, Mr Chamisa threatened members who were using social media and different platforms to denounce others ahead of congress that there would be “gnashing of teeth for those who cross the line”. 

“We have since said we will not allow our leaders to be all spokespersons on the congress. There is going to be one spokesperson, that is the party’s spokesperson. All the other leaders are going to be spokespersons of themselves when they campaign quietly and in accordance with the congress template,” said Mr Chamisa.

“Leaders are very clear and they know that when we have rules, they are meant to be observed and not to be broken. When you break rules you are also inviting challenges to yourself, because the law is meant to punish those who disobey it.”  Herald


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