Thursday, 14 February 2019


RENOWNED videographer Vusa Blaqs has poured his heart out saying he did not sabotage Enzo Ishall with the 50 Magate music video which was described by many as a low quality and unimaginative project.

This week, following the release of Jah Prayzah’s Kune Rima high-end music video, music critics were once again on Blaqs’ case, questioning the quality of the two music videos that were both produced by him.

Kune Rima has amazing visuals which match international standards, something that has convinced many that Blaqs deliberately sabotaged Enzo, a fast-rising artiste with the 50 Magate video.
Responding to the finger pointing, Blaqs yesterday took to Facebook and said he was hurt that people would think he could sabotage an artiste.

“A lot of people have accused me of sabotaging my brother Enzo Ishall. It hurts to know that people would even suggest I possess such levels of malice.
“I’m a huge fan of Enzo, he’s a friend and I’ve nothing but love for him and the whole Chillspot family,” said Blaqs.

He added that he was lucky to have been part of Enzo Ishall’s meteoric rise. Within a week of release, 50 Magate has accumulated over 250 000 views on YouTube, while in just two days, Jah Prayzah’s video is sitting on 200 000 views. Comparing the comments under each music video, most on the 50 Magate video expressed disappointment saying they expected better, while on Kune Rima, Blaqs was commended for a job well done.

However, to try and show people that he is not bent on sabotaging Enzo, Blaqs yesterday shared images of Enzo’s projects that he was working on. Judging by the images, it seems better music videos – similar to those produced for Jah Prayzah – are on the way.

“We have a lot of projects that we’re working on with Enzo Ishall and the images are teasers of what people should expect,” said Blaqs.

Asked if he was making up for the sub-standard 50 Magate video with the forthcoming projects, Blaqs said: “It’ll be suicidal for me to correct things that I’ve done in the past. These are closed chapters and we’re moving onto the next project.” Chronicle


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