Thursday, 14 February 2019


A Glen View teenager stunned the court when she claimed more than $1 000 from her former boyfriend as upkeep for their one-year-old child.

Rutendo Wadzinganyama, 19, claimed $1 140 from her car dealer boyfriend Confidence Mucheka.

When magistrate Nyasha Marufu requested that she justifies her claim, Wadzinganyama failed to do so.

Wadzinganyama, who resides with her parents, claimed $150 for medical aid cover, $150 rent, $50 entertainment, and $100 for clothes, $50 for electricity and water bills.

She also said she will need a maid since she intends to go back to school and justified demanding entertainment allowance for the child, saying that is the lifestyle she was accustomed to while she was cohabiting with Mucheka.

“This does not even reach $1 000. You see it is difficult to justify a figure you plucked out of nowhere. You cannot just sit down and demand such an amount,” Marufu said.
Wadzinganyama insisted that her former lover can afford the money as he earns $2 000 on average from his car dealership.

She told the court Mucheka owns a house in Epworth and a Mercedes Benz C200.
However, Machala offered to pay $30 per month saying on average he realised $150 per month which is commission based.

He denied owning a car and a house and insisted that he is an agent, not a car dealer.
Marufu remanded the matter to tomorrow and ordered Wadzinganyama to go to the Central Vehicle Registry and to the local board to prove if Mucheka owns a car and a house. Daily News


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