Friday, 15 February 2019


South Africa’s youngest cardiologist, Dr Viwe Mtwesi, is the latest woman to be shamed for her dress code, but she refuses to change the way she dresses.

A Twitter user by the name of Warrior Woman Elminie called Mtwesi a “prostitute” on a Twitter account that has since been deleted.

Mtwesi was criticised after a picture of her wearing a lace top was posted on Twitter by Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast team on Monday.

“I am determined to find this woman and teach her a lesson. I have already spoken to my lawyer and he said he will find her. It’s not that I am heartbroken, it’s that I want to teach cyberbullies a lesson.”

She has now opened a case with the police. Mtwesi confirmed that she has opened a case of crimen injuria and defamation of character at the Pretoria West police station against a woman who labelled her a "prostitute" on social media.

"That woman called me a prostitute. I did not open a case because I have anything against prostitutes or I'm judging them‚ she just needs to be taught a lesson about cyber bullying."

Mtwesi says that she is only a doctor within the confines of the hospital and during consultations with patients‚ but outside her profession; she's free to be.

"After the tweet I put out‚ some random person anonymously sent me details of the woman-where she works and even told me she works night shift today. I then called to confirm with her manager and my lawyers will serve her with the legal papers."

Mtwesi says a Johannesburg law firm offered to represent her pro-bono‚ following the tweets in which she said she would open a case against the woman who insulted her.

"Women must let other women be. How I dress is no one's business and it doesn't make me less of a good doctor." Sowetan


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