Thursday, 14 February 2019


ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Jah Signal, who has been trending for the wrong reasons after his ex-wife Presh Dhliwayo claimed that he slept with 15 women in six months and contracted a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) in the process, has refuted those claims.

The Stonyeni hit-maker’s ex-wife, who has a minor child with the musician, told our sister newspaper H-Metro: “I discovered that he was involved in sexual relationships with 14 other women which meant I was the 15th person whom he was sleeping with.

“He was sexually involved with these women in a space of six months and I got to know about it from his text messages and he confessed to me when he once contracted an STI.”
Presh, who stayed with the artiste at his parents’ house in Budiriro suburb, said she had tried to hold onto the marriage but failed.

“I tried to hold on because I loved him and also wanted to have my own family until I found out that his promiscuous behaviour was way more serious than I thought.”

As a result of these claims, Jah Signal’s management quickly took to social media on Wednesday to release a statement. They said this was a smear campaign to tarnish his image.

“With regards to the headline published in today’s (Wednesday) H-Metro, Jah Signal would like to categorically refute the claims peddled on the basis that the claims and story is unfounded, untrue and has malicious intent to damage the integrity and growth of the Jah Signal and Swaah Family brand.

“We as a brand are going through a growth process and we’re entering into a new dimension of penetrating other avenues of business. We understand that there are influential people in the upper echelons of the industry that are gunning to Kudira Jecha into our growth plan by smearing dirt on the Jah Signal brand,” read part of the statement.

The Sweetie hit-maker’s management also revealed that the image of Jah Signal bedding plenty of women goes against his values as his Jah Signal Foundation raises awareness about the stigma, treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

“We’d like to cement that Jah Signal is a very private individual and his private life is wrapped under a discreet sheet whereby promiscuity has no room in that equation.”
Jah Signal’s manager, Hillary Mutake, said Presh, whom they had tried to reason with, was after destroying the musician’s career.

“We’ve been diplomatic in dealing with her (Presh) and didn’t want to talk about her. . . We’re in possession of pictures of her with other musicians whom she’s now dating who want to destroy Jah Signal’s career.”

Jah Signal’s career has been flourishing and he is one of the most sought-after artistes by music promoters, both locally and internationally. His hit single Sweetie has seen him touring around the world with another UK tour already lined up for April. Chronicle


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