Monday, 28 January 2019


RENOWNED DJ and music producer DJ Stavo recently took to Twitter to blast local celebrities who were posting selfies at Tuku’s funeral saying this was immoral and disrespectful to the deceased’s family.

Many public figures attended the funeral of the legendary Afro-jazz musician and shared their pictures at the funeral on social media. They include Killer T, Jah Prayzah and Madam Boss.

The DJ first reacted on Twitter saying he was disappointed with their behaviour at the funeral wake calling them immoral.

“That’s why people say there are no celebrities in Zimbabwe. Very disappointed in those ‘popular’ individuals posting that they’re at the funeral instead of mourning. It appears it’s now just for the likes. “I” think it’s very disrespectful. Have we lost our morals?”

DJ Stavo continued with his Twitter rant saying: “You don’t have to prove it to anyone that you were there. Let the media register that for you.

“Go to a funeral and show your respect to those that have lost a loved one and grieve or celebrate with them in private. Not for you to show the world.”

Stavo’s tweets divided opinion on Twitter as some were in agreement, others saying they did not see any problem with celebrities sharing their images at a funeral on social media.
The Journey hit-maker was quick to defend himself as he even went on to quote the lyrics of Oliver Mtukudzi in Mabasa saying:

“I think some people got me wrong. I never said do not celebrate or mourn the loss of a loved one.

“I’m simply saying it’s not right to take pictures of someone mourning or celebrating at a funeral and to post on social media to gain credit that you were there.”

He also went on to quote Tuku’s lyrics: Please listen to this song: Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi — Mabasa. Iko kubata maoko hakuchina chiremerera. Kwafumuka uku, zvichabatsirei? Kana ndiyo mhedzisiro yenyika, achachema umwe ndiyani? Achanyaradza umwe ndiyani?? I stand by my words. Stop Trolling Me, the lyrics which talk about how funerals are no longer the same and are no longer respected.”

The DJ who wedded his longtime partner last year said people should follow the examples of the elders that were there, but did not post pictures to show they were at the funeral. Chronicle


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