Thursday, 10 January 2019


VENDORS at Mbudzi Round About market clashed with their foreign landlord over charging them rent in United States dollars yesterday.

More than 150 vendors accommodated at the market found gates closed with bouncers demanding to see new lease agreements before allowing access to the premises.

The premises are managed by one Felix of Russian origin who refused to entertain H-Metro over allegations that he is demanding rentals in United States dollars, forcing the tents to sign new lease agreements.

The vendors’ chairperson Skumbuzo Munyawarara told H-Metro that they were given a short notice to vacate the place if they fail to pay rentals in United States dollars beginning of January 2019.

“Felix is becoming cruel to us and affecting families conducting their businesses here,” said Manyawarara.

“Some of the tenants do manicure and he is expecting them to charge in US dollars.

“Ndiyani angagadzirwe nzara achibhadhara US dollar? “It is illegal to buy forex on black market and we have nowhere to get the US dollars he is demanding.

“He want all the tenants to pay half the amount in local currency and the other half in United States dollars but none of the tenants is willing to sign that agreement since we do not charge our clients in foreign currency.

“What is so disturbing is that the money is deposited into another person’s account since he is after evading tax and his timing has affected our business when we are trying to raise cash after paying school fees. 

“We wrote a petition to him where we gave all our grievances and he promised to meet us only to be met by bouncers by the gate requesting for new lease agreements.

“It is unfair and he is refusing to meet vendors as agreed. We will take the issue to higher offices in order to defend men and women empowered running their business here,” said Munywarara.


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