Saturday, 26 January 2019


A serving soldier has confessed that he committed at least one rape in a violent crack down in Harare.

"Our lieutenant told us to go in and find them. We got our information of where the Movement for Democratic Change activists live from members of our party, Zanu PF," the soldier told the Telegraph this week.

According to his own account, the soldier would take part in systematically breaking legs and would personally commit at least one rape in a door-to-door operation on the night of January 15.

The soldier the Telegraph said he had no regrets and freely admitted to committing a rape. “It was night. We were looking for someone in the MDC. We had an address, this lady was sleeping with a light on. I asked is her husband there, and she said she doesn't have one. I was done in a minute," he said.  

The man also said his unit, who wore civilian overalls and no insignia during the operation, broke “many bones” of MDC supporters by pinioning them to the open back panel of an army pick up truck and then smashing it closed on their legs.

"We are going to deal with people calling for demonstrations. They will hide under doors, under beds. The schoolchildren who joined the demonstrations, most of them are MDC, and most of them are taught by their parents to do this.

"And so we have to beat them. We stopped them. Don’t believe we didn’t stop them. We did. We will do this again,” he said.

A solider in a different regiment said he had been sent on a similar punitive expedition in poor townships last week.

Trade Unions and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change called protests and a strike after President Emmerson Mnanagagwa announced a hike in petrol prices on January 12.

Hundreds of people were arrested in the subsequent crackdown on protests, which the government says was a justified response to street violence and looting. 
Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said she had not received any reports of rape.


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