Saturday, 15 December 2018


A UNITED Kingdom-based Zimbabwean nurse is reportedly under investigation by police from that country for possibly intentionally infecting a number of women with HIV.

The investigation was reportedly prompted, after explicit sexual content of his escapades leaked about a month ago.

Several pictures and videos of the nurse went viral in UK last month leading to an investigation by British police, who according to sources found a bottle of prescribed anti-retroviral treatment (Eviplera) in his apartment.

In some of the videos he is seen recording himself presumably trying to entice one of his victims to meet him at a rendezvous. In another video, which he recorded, a woman is seen walking around stark naked, trying to get dressed while he is lying on the bed.

There are also several pictures of him in rather controversial positions with different women. Sunday Leisure tried to reach out to him about the matter but he preferred to remain mum. A source close to him said he was living with a Zimbabwean woman who is also based there until his nudes leaked.

“He was living or rather the woman was caring for him. She did everything for him, it was only until she saw these videos and pictures that she decided to leave him. Ever since the videos and pictures leaked he has been laying low.

“He recently graduated as a qualified psychiatric nurse and this could jeopardise his work permit, among many other things. What is not clear is whether he had protected or unprotected sex with these women. But from what we have gathered he is under investigation,” alleged the source.

Efforts to locate and reach out to the woman whom he was said to be cohabiting with were fruitless, as she was said to have moved cities after they broke up.

“It’s hard to find her now since they broke up, she moved from Manchester to Liverpool from what I gather but she is not happy at all,” claimed the source.

The source went on to allege that the man recorded the videos and downloaded them on to the computer, which many people had access to.

“It is hard to pin point who leaked the videos, as it is reported that the videos were taken from the family computer. You can see that the person who leaked the videos took videos of the recordings from their cellphone.

“From what we are also told is that they had a lot of friends that would come over and use the computer, as well as children. So it is quite hard to pinpoint the source,” alleged the source. Sunday News


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