Thursday, 20 December 2018


THE estranged wife of a National University of Science and Technology lecturer yesterday burst into tears when a Bulawayo magistrate dismissed her $1 304 claim for spousal maintenance and children’s upkeep.

Mrs Faith Mtisi said she had separated with her husband Mr Samson Mtisi and as such he was no longer taking care of her and their three children.

“I need money because my husband makes life difficult for me and the children. We separated and l have to take care of myself as well as the children. I have to beg him to give me money to buy groceries,” she said.

Mrs Mtisi said recently her husband took away the family car which she was using to take children to school saying it was not necessary to drive the children to school. In response Mr Mtisi said he was doing his duties as a father to his children.

“Well your worship, I don’t think it’s necessary that l give her all that money she is asking for. I buy groceries, clothes and pay school fees for my children yet l’m a lecturer who doesn’t earn much. I gave her my bank card so that she gets whatever she needs but l was surprised when she recently brought it back. I can give her the card even now if she wants it.

“As for spousal maintenance l think that money is given to people who have divorced or can’t take care of themselves. In her case she works, I’m sure she can manage a living from the money that she earns,” said Mr Mtisi.

Mrs Mtisi shot back saying she only received the card after she had taken the matter to court. “He sent one of the kids to give me his card when I told him I had taken the matter to court and I knew he was trying to persuade me to withdraw the case hence I refused the card,” she said.

Ms Ulukile Mlea dismissed Mrs Mtisi’s spousal maintenance claim on the grounds that she is employed.

“Mrs Mtisi is employed and can provide for herself thus claim for spousal maintenance is dismissed. As for child upkeep Mr Mtisi is doing his duties as a father to his children and as such the claim for children’s upkeep has also been dismissed,” she said.  Chronicle


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