Monday, 3 December 2018


A BULAWAYO man yesterday demanded a paternity test after his ex-girlfriend dragged him to court demanding money for child upkeep.

Ms Caroline Ndlovu was claiming $226 from Mr Ayanda Ncube as maintenance for their child who is eleven months old.

She said they had an agreement with Mr Ncube that he would contribute towards child upkeep though they are not together but he has never honoured the agreement.

“We had agreed that we both contribute towards our child since we broke up but he is now acting up demanding paternity tests yet he knows very well that the child is his.

“I’m a hairdresser realising about $100 a month. I can’t manage all the child’s needs with only $100,” she said.

The magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea asked Mr Ncube how much he earns and how much he was willing to offer for his child.

“I’m disputing that the child is mine, at the moment l can’t offer anything. I want us to go for tests then we can decide on the way forward,” he said.

The magistrate asked Ms Ndlovu if she was opposed to the application for paternity tests.
“I have no problem going for a paternity test because I have no doubt that the child is his,” she said.
Mr Ncube was ordered to pay $80 as child upkeep and to conduct tests within six months.

“You will have to pay for child upkeep until the results prove otherwise. This money will be paid with effect from the end of the month and tests have to be conducted within six months.

“Failure to do that within the stipulated time will mean the order for maintenance will remain in force,” said the magistrate. Chronicle


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