Sunday, 9 December 2018


THERE is alleged abuse of donations at Mpilo Central Hospital if the disappearance of an assorted goods given out by a United Kingdom based philanthropist is anything to go by.

What looks like a serious scandal has been unearthed at the hospital after a consignment of donated goodies allegedly vanished with sources at the institution saying the unaccounted donation may just be a tip of the iceberg.
The gross lack of accountability and mendacity at one of the biggest health institutions in the country was laid bare after goodies donated by United Kingdom-based philanthropist — Mr Dumisani Moyo in September allegedly, could not be accounted for and the hospital failed to give a satisfactory answer when quizzed by Mr Moyo on why they were not using the donated goodies.
Mr Moyo adopted and renovated Ward B6 of the hospital at a cost of $90 000 but on his return two months later he found the ward in bad shape with some goods either missing or not being used in the ward. He also said he was asked to pay for labour for the renovations and later found out that all the renovations were done by the Government under the Department of Public Works.
“I decided to come back to Zimbabwe and do a clean-up of the same ward I adopted but what I saw was very disappointing, the ward was very dirty yet I donated chemicals for them to use specifically for that ward. The place was not clean at all. Even just sweeping and mopping with clean water was going to be better but that was not the case,” said an agitated Mr Moyo.
He said he handed over the cleaning detergents for the hospital to manage but this was not done as evidenced by the untidiness in the ward.
Mr Moyo left a donation of cutlery which included 48 dinner plates, 48 spoons, knives and forks but said he was shocked when he arrived at Mpilo last week to find patients in the adopted ward using disposable plastic spoons and old dinner plates with none of the donated cutlery anywhere near the ward.
“Another issue that shocked me was that the linen I donated was also not there, patients were using old, dirty and torn linen and when I asked, I was told that it was locked up in the linen stores and they could not access it. I did not donate these things for them to be locked up, the patients need to be in a clean environment with clean linen but I am surprised they have not been given their things to use,” he added.
He also told Sunday News that the patients did not have wheelchairs to use yet he brought in two new ones recently. A disgruntled Mr Moyo said accountability was key when dealing with goods donated to the vulnerable people in hospitals.
“There is a need to change mindsets about how we carry out our business, accountability is key when dealing with things that are donated to the patients, people are trying to help the Government by bringing in some of these donations so those who receive must also ensure that the goods are kept safe,” he said.
Mr Moyo said he was unable to get an audience from the chief executive officer of the hospital, Mr Leonard Mabandi, as he was away.
He, however, said there might be need to launch an investigation into the matter to ensure that the patients get their dues.
Nonetheless Mr Moyo still poured in more donations last week during a clean-up exercise he did at the hospital. He brought floor polish, floor stripper cleaner, Handy Andy, Sunlight liquid, sweeping brooms, mops, mutton cloths, Jik, surgical gloves, notice boards and various other cleaning detergents that were used for the clean-up. He also said he was not pointing fingers at the institution but said he did not get satisfactory answers when he made various inquiries to officials he met during the clean-up exercise.
However, officials from Mpilo defended themselves saying the goods were not locked in the storerooms as earlier on told Mr Moyo but have been sent for engraving and marking.
“We have sent the cutlery for engraving and the linen for marking so that when they go for cleaning they are returned to the correct ward and to also ensure that they are not stolen. It is not like the donations were misplaced or anything,” said the official who declined to be named.
Mr Moyo said he was not going to stop donating towards the institution.
“I am still going to remain in good standing with Mpilo besides this hiccup, I pledged to assist and that is what I will do. There is a need for the corporate world and individuals to aid hospitals to complement Government efforts because we all use these facilities one way or the other,” he said.
He further said he was hosting a fund-raising dinner for the renovation of the paediatric ward at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) next week.
“I am still going on with my work of raising funds for hospitals and this time it is going to UBH children’s ward where I seek to also renovate and assist them where they need help. In this respect I will have a fundraising dinner next week at a local hotel and I am hoping to have various companies, stakeholders and individuals respond towards this worthy cause,” said Mr Moyo. Sunday News


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