Sunday, 25 November 2018


While the Charambas might have gone into full time gospel ministry following the launch of their new church, the couple has promised to continue with their music careers.

Pastor Charles and Olivia Chramba lunched their church Rooted in Christ Ministries this month after close to two decades in Apostolic Faith Mission church.

The Charambas told the Daily News on Sunday that the recent scuffles in the AFM church over leadership were not the reasons for the formation of their own church, but rather God’s call.

“The challenges in AFM didn’t shape our decision. We have seen and witnessed lots of discord in years gone by. We could have decided to leave long back. You can’t leave a house because of some dirt in it — you just clean it.

“Our graduation from the church is motivated by God’s call. It is important to note that God still speaks to people. There are more ministries to be started by other people apart from us. There’s a revival going around, mark my word.

“The Lord Jesus is calling more ministers to evangelise the world,” Charamba who is a trained church pastor said.

Although church work will be demanding, the duo said there are still dedicated to their music business.

“With proper time management we don’t see any reason why we won’t be able to continue doing music. Music is a very interesting form of art; you don’t need an official time to compose.
“Rehearsal can always be scheduled to suit participants. Sometimes it’s the oddest moments and tightest schedules that help a composer to bring forth a new composition.

“At Fishers of Men Band we consider personal programmes for individuals before confirming itineraries.

“Any band member’s personal programme is important and accommodated if it sounds reasonable to the rest of the team, our case is no different,” he said.

“We believe that God is happy with the work we are doing. We are convinced that He doesn’t give you a task on which His hand won’t touch. When He invites you, He will already be leading from the front.”

He added that they have been endorsed by a good number of people who are deciding to come to Christ through the church. He also said that they will not be chasing after numbers but that they want genuine discipleship.

Charamba said so far they have been enabled to draw the line between their music side and the ministry.

Speaking on the operations of his church, Charamba said Rooted in Christ Ministries shall just stick to the gospel of the cross, resurrection of Jesus, and the teachings of the apostles and not compete 
with anyone.

“As young as we are, we are only complementing the efforts of the missionaries, preachers and godly fathers who have laid the foundation for us. To us, any preacher who preaches Jesus is worth respecting no matter who they are,” Charamba said.

He said miracles and the church are inseparable as God is a God of miracles. “We expect God to express Himself in His own way and if miracles are a factor in His dealings with us, they have to be 

“We cannot declare which miracle will happen but we are certain they will happen because we gather in His presence. One thing we all have to be reminded is that there is only one church in the universe - the body of Christ.

“The numerous groupings are just congregations and ministries that emphasise on aspects of Christianity differently but doing more or less a common thing.”

On her part, Charamba’s wife Olivia also known as Mai Charamba said as a trained pastor with a diploma in theology she will be preaching, teaching and counselling in the church as well as music.
“As a pastor I will also perform all duties expected from that office and the most important duty is to support or help my husband the visionary of Rooted in Christ Ministries through prayer and fasting, supporting spiritually, physically and emotionally.

“My musical ministry will also be alive. I will be singing in church for the benefit of the Kingdom,” Mai Charamba said. Daily News


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