Sunday, 25 November 2018


A PROMINENT Bulawayo socialite-cum-property dealer was dramatically arrested last week in a planned midnight raid, where he was allegedly busted stark naked in the process of raping his maid.

The accused (name withheld to protect identify of victim) was arrested at his home in Greenhill suburb, after the maid reported the matter to the police, who in turn set a trap up for the socialite.

He  appeared in court last week and is facing up to four counts of rape. He appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Adelaide Mbeure.

He was remanded to 7 December on $100 bail. Prosecuting, Mr Mageza Mafaro told the court that the socialite allegedly raped the girl on four consecutive occasions during the course of this month. 

For the first count he is reported to have raped the girl on 13 November in the middle of the night. The court heard that in another case he allegedly raped her in a similar manner on 14 November and for the third count, which was on 15 November, he sneaked into the girl’s room in the dead of the night, and raped her again. The girl then informed her sister of what had happened and she was advised to report to the police.

That is when police devised a plan to make an arrest, with the maid giving them information of his schedule and movement.

On the fourth count, it was stated that he allegedly went into the complainant’s room, only in his undergarments and crept into her blankets before raping her.

It was reported that police bust him while he was in action. The girl was taken to hospital for a medical examination, which would be produced in court during the trial. Mr Mageza Mufaro presented the case for the State. Sunday news


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