Thursday, 15 November 2018


A city woman, who abandoned her husband at one of their farms, yesterday appeared before a Harare magistrate applying for child support.

Walesca Tirivangani, who relocated to the capital in May this year, is claiming $120 from her former husband Langton Murenga. Murenga, who made the revelations, told the court his ex-wife left after she was fed up with rural lifestyle.

“I am surprised by her actions, she is the one who left me at our farm and claimed she couldn’t cope with the lifestyle.

“When she left, she also took with her all my academic documents exposing me to poverty and months of unemployment.“The farm in question belongs to my parents and we had been resident there since 2015,” he said.

Murenga offered to pay $30 a month for his child saying he was even sending money for his child through EcoCash despite him being ditched at the farm.

However, Tirivangani disputed the offer saying she knew her ex as a wealthy businessman.
“I am sure he owns the farm; he also has a shop which I used to supervise. In addition, he supplies irrigation equipment to his neighbours, he realises some cash from his fishing business and is into cross border trading,” she said.

She also denied running away from her husband. “He is lying that I ran away from the farm, in fact I came to Harare to nurse my sick mother and have not returned since. I even left some of my clothes at the farm,” she said.

Magistrate Shelah Nazombe, postponed her ruling to November 19 ordering Murenga to present his EcoCash statement on the next date.


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