Sunday, 18 November 2018


THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has instructed the National Pharmaceutical Company (Natpharm) to start selling drugs directly to patients in local currency to cushion them from the predatory practices of most pharmacies that are demanding payment in foreign currency.

Natpharm has been selling some drugs to pharmacies using plastic money but pharmacies would in turn demand that patients pay only in foreign currency. In an interview recently, Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr John Mangwiro said patients could now buy drugs directly from Natpharm using any form of payment. He said efforts have also been made to supply the drugs to Government hospitals where they can be easily accessed using plastic money.

“We have instructed Natpharm to order drugs directly for hospitals and private pharmacies. Private pharmacies have been getting some of their insulin and other drugs from Natpharm where they use swipe to pay for them and then demand forex from clients, it is unfair. So we have directed Natpharm to sell directly to the public to avoid this practice,” he said.

Dr Mangwiro also said the country has insulin stocks to last for a year.
“Natpharm has enough insulin to last patients about a year and people can directly get insulin from our Government hospitals so it is available. Drugs will be available in our Government pharmacies so people must go there,” he said.

Dr Mangwiro said all patients above 65 years must access their drugs from Government hospitals. Sunday News


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