Wednesday, 31 October 2018


A BULAWAYO woman has been denied spousal maintenance but got maintenace for her two children.

Mr Linda Nyamandi who wanted $540 in spousal maintenance and the upkeep of her two children got $160 maintenance a month for the children. Ms Ulukile Mlea said since Mrs Nyamandi was not divorced, she could not claim spousal maintenance.

“Spousal maintenance is paid to individuals divorced who do not have the means to provide for themselves,” said Ms Mlea.

The court heard that Mr Nyamandi sold their family shop and established a bakery as well as a maize business. On the lease papers he put his name, his friend’s name and asked his wife to sign the papers.

“Nyamandi told me that since it’s a family business there was no need to write my name since his name was already on the lease papers. I fell for the trap and he later started abusing me, starving me and eventually threw me out of our matrimonial home,” she said.  Chronicle


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