Saturday, 13 October 2018


One of the country’s leading medical aid societies, Cimas, said its members should continue to pay their contributions through payment modes made available to them by the regulatory authorities.

This comes as other societies and health funders are only accepting payments in United States dollars.

In a statement, Cimas said members can still contribute to the society using both the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) Foreign Currency Accounts (FCAs), and Nostro FCAs, which are still considered to be at parity with the US dollar.

“The best of our knowledge the RTGS FCA balances are at parity with the US dollar. Until the monetary authorities advise otherwise we will continue to accept contributions from both Nostro FCA accounts and RTGS FCA accounts,” Cimas group chief executive officer Ndlovu Vulindela said.

He assured its members that Cimas is engaging stakeholders and regulators to ensure adequate supply of pharmaceutical drugs to all its pharmacies; and that members acquire requisite medical services.  Daily News


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