Wednesday, 24 October 2018


A Bulawayo magistrate has acquitted a 52-year-old woman for allegedly stabbing her sister-in-law saying she did so in self -defence.

Charges against Thandiwe Siziba were that she swept the house and left some rubbish where Ms Senzeni Ncube had already cleaned and a misunderstanding arose, leading to a fight.

Siziba appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Urgent Vundla and pleaded not guilty to physical abuse.

The magistrate acquitted her and stated that she was not guilty as she had acted in self-defence. “Due to the nature of this case, I find you not guilty and considering your age and health you could not have been able to fight your sister-in-law,” he said. 

The state of her health was not mentioned.

Prosecuting, Mr Tapiwa Solani told the court that sometime in September, Siziba while cleaning the house, left some rubbish where Ms Ncube had already cleaned and that did not go down well with her.

“In anger, Ms Ncube asked her sister-in-law why she had left her rubbish where she had cleaned,” he said.

The court heard that the two had a heated argument which resulted in a fight. 

Ms Ncube said she bled following the attack. “When I asked her why she had swept the rubbish to where l had already cleaned she insulted me holding me by the neck. I tried to restrain myself by pushing her and she fell down on the floor. Later on l realised that l was bleeding on the left thigh and on the foot,” said Ms Ncube.

In her defence, Siziba stated that when she fell down she grabbed a kitchen knife that was on a table.

“When we were insulting each other, we started fighting and she pushed me onto the floor. I thought she would stab me with a knife that was on the table so l grabbed the knife. While trying to recover so I could stand up, I mistakenly stabbed her in the thigh and on the right foot. That’s when we stopped fighting,” said Siziba. Chronicle


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