Sunday, 7 October 2018


A TEENAGER from Bulawayo allegedly stabbed a colleague to death and nonchalantly led the victim’s family to the body and thereafter ran away.

The assailant only identified as Evans (18) aka Vado from Pumula East suburb, allegedly stabbed Bekithemba Mlalazi (18) at MaNdlovu Beer Garden on Friday following a dispute over a cellphone.
Evans is alleged to have led Bekithemba’s brother Witness Mlalazi (19) to his brother’s lifeless body on Saturday morning.

The Chronicle yesterday spoke to Bekithemba’s father Mr Stanley Mlalazi who, with the help of Witness, narrated how his son was “needlessly killed.”

“We learnt of his death yesterday (Saturday) in the morning. I was coming from Magwegwe where I had gone to buy glue as I am a cobbler. I saw Witness crying and I asked him what the problem was. He said his brother was gone, they had murdered him,” said Mr Mlalazi.

He said what pained him even more is that his son’s killer had the guts to come to his home and inform them about his son’s death before disappearing.

“He came here and woke up Witness who was still asleep. He asked if he had seen his brother. When Witness told him he had not seen him since the previous night, he then told him to follow him so he could show him where he was. The boy led him to the slain Bekithemba’s body. His body was found at Mandlovu Beer Garden, in a bushy area. My son was stabbed on the left side of his upper body,” he said.

Mr Mlalazi said he believed his son could have survived if he had been rushed to hospital soon after being stabbed.

He said Bekithemba’s killer has not been arrested although police arrested someone who was found with the knife which was used to stab him.

“He has not been arrested but it seems he escaped to Emganwini suburb where his father lives. He lived with his mother here. We have been in contact with the police who said they haven’t arrested him as he was in hiding”, said Mr Mlalazi.
Witness said Evans escaped soon after showing him Bekithemba’s lifeless body.

“He came home at about 7AM, asking if I had seen my brother. When I said no he said let’s go look for him. He led me straight to the Beer Hall where he showed me his lifeless body,” said Witness.

“I screamed in shock and as I rushed to touch his body, Vado escaped and has not been seen since. I can’t say he was a close friend to my brother but here and there they interacted. The knife he used was found with an elderly man who usually hangs around the beer garden. Police arrested him,” said Witness.



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