Saturday, 13 October 2018


Comic group Bustop TV has stirred controversy with their latest skit which has been deemed as mocking President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Titled Murume Wacho, the skit is a commentary on social issues currently affecting people such as the rise of prices and shortage of basic goods.

The skit features Gonyeti and Maggie talking about a man who is passive while things are going upside down in his house.

This has been described by many on social media as a dig at the president and his administration who are folding hands as the country burns.

Bustop TV director Luckie Aaroni denied suggestions that their skit is a dig at the president saying their productions are subject to any interpretation.

“This was not a diss at the authorities. It was us simplifying the current situation in Zimbabwe to ordinary citizens who might fail to understand what is happening and send the message to the authorities about what’s happening on the ground and what people are saying,” he said.

The president’s popular statement “soft as wool” is also mentioned in the skit together with the recent comments that people should endure the pain following the two percent tax announcement.
“That is the power of humour,” he added.

Comedians in the country have on several occasions poked fun at the ruling elites in their acts.
Gonyeti and Maggie in the latest skit highlighted the rise in prices of rentals and shortage of basic goods such as cooking oil, gas and mealie meal and also the frustration in people.

The raised issues are among other factors affecting the country which have seen the economy taking a nosedive resulting in the rise of the cost of living.

Tempers are high and a supposed demonstration by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions had to be stopped with cholera fears being raised by the police. Daily News


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