Saturday, 20 October 2018


A 22-year-old man has been jailed for an effective two years for using an edited EcoCash message to defraud a local businessman.

Magistrate Ms Amanda Muridzo jailed Langton Madhuviko of Chiedza Suburb last Friday after noticing that the accused had a similar case, which was still pending. Madhuviko’s accomplice, Blessing Ngirandi (18), will perform 210 hours of community service after Ms Muridzo conditionally suspended a 12 month sentence she had initially imposed on him.

The duo’s fraud charges arose on September 30 this year when they approached Rindai Gore of Nothing Fill and bought goods worth $158. The two got the goods after they presented an edited EcoCash message to Gore. 

Among the items the pair received from Gore were a belt, a satchel, a bottle of Mazoe orange crush, brown sugar, rice, an electric shaving machine and a tool box.

The offence was discovered the following day after Gore could not reconcile her books due to the doctored EcoCash message.

Gore reported the case to the police leading to the pair’s arrest and all the goods were recovered.

In her ruling, Ms Muridzo said Madhuviko was a repeat offender who had not shown any remorse after being convicted of the same offence earlier this year. 

She said Madhuviko, who was given community service for the earlier offence also committed this year, had escaped before completing his sentence.

Mr James Phiri prosecuted. Herald


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