Tuesday, 23 October 2018


A Bulawayo woman has taken her ex-husband to the Civil Court demanding an increase in maintenance following countrywide price hikes.

Blessing Kanombirira, who was demanding that maintenance be doubled from $100 to $200 a month, told magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea that the $100 that was being contributed towards the upkeep of their two minor children was insufficient because prices and school fees had gone up.

Ms Kanombirira told the court that her husband, Kudakwashe Mukurunge has been contributing $100 and was once in arrears that led her to apply for a garnishee order that was granted in March last year.
She told the court that the children’s fees changed from $50 a term to $75.

“I want an upward variation from $100 to $200 because everything has gone up groceries, school fees, and clothes, generally everything hence $100 cannot cover all the expenses for our two children,” she said.

Mukurunge agreed to increase maintenance for his minor children stating that he understands the reasons behind the need for increase.

“I am offering $100 as increase. I understand why there is need for me to add $100 especially since she is not employed,” he said.

The magistrate ordered Mukurunge to contribute $200 as maintenance with effect from October.
“By consent upward variation is granted from $100 to $200 with effect from October 31 with reference to the previous conditions and the garnishee,” said Ms Mlea.

The court heard Mukurunge is a police officer and the children are five and three years old. Chronicle 


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