Thursday, 25 October 2018


Zimbabwe's wheat output will plummet unless farmers are paid part of their produce in foreign currency to enable them to keep pace with the prevailing economic environment, an official of the Zimbabwe Wheat Board (ZWB) has said.

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is paying $500 per tonne for wheat. Zimbabwe’s cost of production is very high due to use of the high valued currency, the United States dollar, as compared to other regional countries.

Local farmers want to be paid at least 20 percent of their produce in foreign currency.
“I believe that it is a fair position, there are farmers who need to go back on to the land, if they produce at sub economic rates it means they will not be able to replace what they would have used,” said ZWB chairperson, Givemore Mesoemvura.

 Mesoemvura said the country is producing a quarter of wheat requirements. The 2018 season started late as farmers took time getting the maize crop off the field. — FARMERS VOICES


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