Saturday, 20 October 2018


SCORES of irate parents last Friday besieged Chakohwa High School in Chimanimani baying for the blood of school authorities accused of practicing satanism as the school has of late been plagued by larger-than-life occurrences that have caused discomfort and fear in pupils, parents and teachers.

The incidents also led to the disruption of lessons.

When The Weekender arrived at the school last Friday afternoon, incensed parents were singing derogatory songs denouncing the school authorities for barring a “cleansing” ceremony that was supposed to be conducted at the school earlier that day.

Police reacted swiftly to protect the school head Mr James Chamwana, members of the school administration and the school development committee (SCD) members.

Teachers who requested anonymity confirmed the strange occurrences that include waking up to see huge piles of human faeces on their doorsteps and pubic hair under their pillows.

Sometimes swarms of bees and scourge of mosquitoes would appear in classes, forcing the disruption of lessons. Snakes also reportedly appear in classrooms and it is believed that some pupils were allegedly initiated into satanism through gifts such as necklaces and food.

Parents and pupils want the suspected witchcraft perpetrators named and shamed.

A team of pastors from Mutare that was destined to conduct cleansing rituals was forced back after a heated impasse between school children and parents on one side and the school authorities and SDC on another as the meeting had not been sanctioned by the responsible ministry.

“It is a very serious issue here and we are living in fear. One of the teachers woke up with shaved pubic hair, which was later discovered underneath his pillow. He wrapped the hair with a tissue and told all teachers what had happened. Several other teachers shared their bizarre experiences with the common one being faeces strewn on several doorsteps,” said one SDC member, who requested anonymity.
One of the teachers had this to say: “Concerned parents called for this cleansing ceremony and the thinking was that it would help address these strange happenings. We are suffering. This is real. We believe some teachers here are into witchcraft. A fortnight ago, we woke up to see heaps of faeces at four teachers’ houses. There was also a dead owl which was seen in one of the classrooms, but to our surprise one of us argued that the owl should be buried and not burnt as most of us had suggested.”

Efforts to contact Mr Chamanwa on the goings-on at the school were fruitless.

However, when contacted for comment, Manicaland provincial education director (PED) Mr Edward Shumba said: “I have heard about the case, but I cannot avail any information because I sent the district schools inspector (DSI) to assess the situation.  He is yet to furnish me with more details. However, parents are requested to ensure that peace prevails to allow students to write their Form Four exams.”

Zimbabwe national healers association president Mr George Kandiero said there was a possibility of witchcraft at the school.

“Satanism is a glorified term for witchcraft. The faeces, bees and mosquitoes strangely appearing at one institution is a clear sign of witchcraft. Something terrible is going on there; there cannot be smoke without fire. There is need for exorcism either through the traditional or Christian way. The fact that some pupils have confessed having initiated other pupils means a lot.

‘‘There is need for proper witch-hunting so that there are no further occurrences and prevent more pupils from being initiated. If proper exorcism is conducted by prophets, tsikamutandas or Zinatha exorcists, the perpetrators of this evil will manifest and confess,” said Mr Kandiero. Manica Post


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