Sunday, 21 October 2018


A WOMAN based at Cement Siding in Bulawayo allegedly goes to bed armed with a knife and knobkerrie as a way of warding off any sexual advances from her husband of 22 years as the couple’s marriage is on the rocks because of the alleged wife’s abusive tendencies.This is contained in a founding affidavit by Mr Melusi Ngwenya who is seeking to file in court to terminate the marriage.
Mr Ngwenya (44) is also seeking to verify the paternity of their last born son aged 11, through DNA tests, as he claims his wife, Mrs Lorraine Ngwenya once eloped for seven years and returned with the child, saying he was the father.
Mr Ngwenya has also applied for a peace order against Mrs Ngwenya (48) whom he claims to be in the habit of engaging in extra-marital affairs over the past 15 years.
Mr Ngwenya, in his founding affidavit, which Sunday News has a copy of, claimed that his wife was both physically and emotionally abusive, stating that her behaviour has irretrievably broken down the union.
“She has turned violent, she has beaten me several times using fists, knobkerrie, bites me, and has poured hot cooking oil on me. She also threatens to murder me and burn the company house. She also insults me and my relatives, comparing them to dogs,” said Mr Ngwenya through an affidavit.
He went on to allege that she was also in the habit of chasing their daughter from home saying there cannot be two women in one house.
Mr Ngwenya added that the latest incident, where Mrs Ngwenya was violent, occurred on 16 September this year at about 2am.
“She has also been denying me my conjugal rights. She always sleeps in her clothes for the past two-and-a- half months. She is also in the habit of abusing the family finances,” he said in an application for a peace order.
Mr Ngwenya says he recently bought a bed, which his wife is refusing to share.
“She has been sleeping on the floor for the past few months. When she goes to bed she arms herself with a weapon, either a knife or a knobkerrie.”
A family member also said Mrs Ngwenya was at one time assaulted by community members from Cement Siding over infidelity issues.
“She attended an all-night prayer and upon her return in the morning, she was stabbed in the chest by her alleged lover, after he found out that she was involved with another man. She stayed for a month in hospital,” said the family member.
The family member said at one time, police had to intervene, after Mrs Ngwenya had threatened to burn down the house and even followed Mr Ngwenya to work, where she caused a scene.
“It sounds like a TV drama but this is happening. She is very abusive. She doesn’t even eat what is cooked at home and lives on  take aways. We don’t even know where she gets the money to buy take aways as she is unemployed, she is just a vendor,” said the family member.
Mr Ngwenya made his submissions through his lawyer Miss Sandra Sauramba from Majoko and Majoko Legal Practitioners. Sunday News


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