Sunday, 7 October 2018


A GWANDA woman found her 53-year-old neighbour raping her four-year-old  daughters at his homestead after she had sent them there to buy candles.

Vusumuzi Ndlovu of Georgia Farm in Gwanda was not asked to plead when he appeared briefly before Gwanda magistrate, Miss Nomagugu Ncube is facing two counts of rape. He was remanded in custody to 15 October for trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Takunda Mafudze said Ndlovu raped the two children who are ECD A learners at a local school on 10 August at around 6pm.

“On 10 August around 6pm, the two kids were sent by their mother to go and buy candles at Ndlovu’s homestead. When they arrived Ndlovu called the two girls into his bedroom hut and told them to lie on the bed as he wanted to give them some sweets.

“He went on to rape the two children one after the other. Their mother, upon realising that her daughters had taken long to return decided to check up on them. She followed them to Ndlovu’s homestead and spotted a ball which her daughters had taken with them outside the bedroom hut,” he said.

Mr Mafudze said the woman entered into the bedroom hut and found Ndlovu raping one of his daughters while the other was lying on top of the bed next to her sister. The woman screamed and alerted neighbours who rushed to the scene.

The villagers apprehended Ndlovu and surrendered him to the police. Sunday News


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