Friday, 26 October 2018


THERE was drama in Nyanga recently after a local man was caught stark naked and being intimate with a married woman. Godfrey Kangoni (jnr) was caught sleeping with a married woman only identified as Mai Dhokotera on her matrimonial bed in Sedze area, which is about 10km from Nyanga town.

Mai Dhokotera who runs a shop at Sedze Business Centre is married to a polygamous apostolic sect husband who resides in Harare.

Kanengoni admitted to committing the offence after he was hauled before a traditional court over the case. He was fined five beasts.  
Witnesses to the drama said Godfrey was invited by Mai Dhokotera to her house but their game was cut short after her husband’s younger brother caught them and locked them inside the house.

“Mai Dhokotera invited Godfrey to the house which is at the business centre. She is married to a polygamous husband who resides in Harare with two other wives. While they were being intimate, her husband’s young brother realised that the duo were having quality time and locked them inside. He called Mai Dhokotera’s husband who was in Harare. He drove from Harare and came home to see it for himself. He was shocked but there was nothing he could do,” said a witness who requested anonymity.

Kangoni appeared before Chief Hata and was fined five beats. Manica Post


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