Friday, 19 October 2018


A school head at Chideme Primary in Chikomba District is in trouble with the ministry after he spent the night in a new female teacher’s bedroom.Nicholas Magombedze was soliciting for sex from the new teacher.

Chikomba District Schools Inspector, Emmannuel Kwenda confirmed the incident but said he was yet to get the finer details.

Sources told The Mirror that Magombedze went to Noma Chido Sundayi’s house recently on the guise that he wanted the latter to sign assumption of duty forms. Sundayi asked the head to push the forms underneath the door but Magombedze insisted on her opening the door.

Magombedze entered the house and said he had lost keys to his house. He insisted on sleeping in the same bed with Sundayi who is said to have responded by offering the bed to the head while she went and slept in another room.

Magombedze admitted to The Mirror that he spent the night in Sundayi’s house but insisted that it was with her consent after he lost keys to his house. He said he was drunk on the day and he even broke a window pane trying to gain entry into his house.

Sundayi declined to comment but The Mirror is reliably informed that the two teachers have since been instructed to write reports on the incident that would be sent to the ministry.
It is understood that Sundayi called a relative Nyasha Bvunzawabaya on the night that the incident happened and he in turn alerted Ministry officials who arrived at the school first thing in the morning. masvingo mirror


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