Monday, 1 October 2018


Chaos was the order of the day at both Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love album launches in Mbare and Highfiled respectively as they were characterised by crowd trouble which is synonymous with several dancehall gigs, giving security a run for their money.
The delay by Soul Jah Love to get on stage created anxiety that exposed some youthful chanters who were stoned by some rowdy fans.

But it was on this Saturday that the two dancehall stars had to prove who the main man in the industry is. The two chanters have often been compared and debated on as to who is the best over the other. And it has never been concluded.

Soul Jah Love dropped his album Naka Dhula Dhaka at Takashinga Sports Club while Seh Calaz launched his Ndakatumwa album at Shawasha Grounds in Mbare.

In terms of numbers, Seh Calaz was way ahead of Soul Jah Love’s event. His event was made free of charge while Soul Jah Love charged $5 entry fee.

The $5 pricing at Soul Jah Love’s gig was too expensive for the “ghetto youths” who could be seen milling around the entrance and negotiating with bouncers for a reduced entry free.
Security had a busy day trying to cover loopholes on the barricades to curb free entry resulting in cat and mouse chases. The crowd later grew and how they got in is known to the organisers.

Performances and dressing by both artistes were top notch showing they were prepared for the day.

Soul Jah Love delayed going on stage and only went appeared at 2am, belting out a number of his yesteryear hits much to the pleasure of music lovers.

He then introduced his new songs starting with the title track Naka Dhula Dhaka before adding two more songs.

However, the response was lukewarm with his loyalists dancing to the tracks but another section expressed a sign of disappointment, as they began to leave.

Having noticed the not so warm response, Soul Jah Love reverted to his old catalogue, taking fans into delirium with his popular single Hove Huru.

Seh Calaz also began his set with a catalogue of his yesteryear hits much to the pleasure of his huge gathering, with support from a number of established chanters such as Killer T, Freeman and Enzo Ishall.

As expected he also took time to throw jibes at Soul Jah Love’s Naka Dhula Dhaka.
He also raised issues of sabotage, alleged attempts to stop his gig by involving health personnel over the cholera issue.

He also took time to rebuke trouble makers at his gig as having been sent by his rivals. Daily News


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