Wednesday, 17 October 2018


POLICE have arrested 15 more osiphatheleni as they clamp down on illegal forex dealings.
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango said the operation will continue until there is sanity on the streets of Bulawayo.

Last week 46 osiphatheleni were arrested outside Tredgold Building which houses the Bulawayo Magistrates Courts where most illegal forex dealers operate from.

The operation came days after Chief Justice Luke Malaba bemoaned illegal activities around the environs of the courts and the area was now popularly known as the ‘World Bank’.

Chief Inspector Simango said police will monitor other foreign exchange hotspots in the city.
“This was not a one day event and we are still carrying out patrols and are monitoring areas surrounding Tredgold building. We have so far arrested more than 60 people,” said Chief Insp Simango.

She urged members of the public to desist from moving around with large sums of money and to avoid dealing with illegal forex exchange dealers as they risk being fleeced of their hard earned cash.

“Some people have been duped after illegal forex exchange dealers took away money and gave them fake notes,” said Chief Insp Simango. Chronicle


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