Thursday, 13 September 2018


In a shock move, Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo Province Ezra Chadzamira has told supporters that 10 000 of the 29 000 hectares of irrigable land at the recently opened Tugwi-Mukosi Dam have been reserved for party leaders.

He said 2 000 Zanu PF leaders, all from Masvingo including councillors, chairpersons, district and provincial executives are earmarked to get five hectares each.

Most of these leaders already own several farms each, sugarcane plots and are land barons with swathes of urban stands from earlier Government empowerment projects.

Chadzamira's utterances come as a surprise to many Zimbabweans who had hoped that the new dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa would usher in a new era of fairness, economic prudence and justice.

Chadzamira's populist stance is contrary to earlier sentiments that land at the US$260m Tugwi-Mukorsi Dam would largely be allocated on commercial lines in order for the country to optimize benefits from exports and foreign currency earnings.

Experts also hoped that priority would be given to thousands of unemployed degreed agricultural  graduates.

Chadzamira was speaking at a party inter-district meeting at Chitsanga Hall in Chiredzi on Wednesday last week.

Chadzamira himself recently pushed a 70 year old white woman Yvone Goddard out of her $500 000 farm house of 45 years and he is now staying there as the new owner. Goddard has since been living close to destitution.

Politburo member, Lovemore Matuke who was at the meeting emphasised that Zanu PF was going to get the land.

Chadzamira said the new Zanu PF programme at  Tugwi – Mukosi is taking place as part of the devolution of power from Harare to Provinces.

An economic expert who declined to be named told The Mirror that it is such populist stances that are bringing down the economy.

"We want to see all our leaders having something to do in life. They must benefit from their party. I sat down with the Minister of State and will sit with all council executives over that issue.

"Tugwi Mukosi master plan is now out and there are 29 000 hectares of irrigable land. Our party leaders in Masvingo are less than 2 000 in number so what is wrong if all the leaders are given 5 hectares each at Tugwi Mukosi and that will only translate to 10 000 hectares of the 29 000 hectares. We are working on achieving that as a province," said Chadzamira.

The Mirror is informed that Masvingo Development Trust (MDT) which is wholly owned by Zanu PF is also looking at getting 15 000 hectares from the same scheme and this will leave just 4 000 hectares for anyone else who may want to come in outside the party ticket.
Tugwi –Mukosi is Zimbabwe's biggest inland dam built on tax payers' money. It holds 1.8 billion cubic metre of water when it is full and there are several other activities that are planned for the Dam including hotels, water games, fishing and a wildlife park.

The irrigable land is mainly targeted for sugarcane. Masvingo Mirror


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