Monday, 27 August 2018


A BOY (13) from Hwange has become a hero after rescuing his neighbour’s two children aged five and three who had been kidnapped, police have confirmed.

William Vundla spotted Makhosi Ncube (34) of DRC Empumalanga suburb as he force-marched the children into a thicket on Thursday. He shouted out their names and Makhosi, after giving up the children, tried to flee.

The boy, sources said, alerted the minors’ father, Mr Kelvin Ncube (35) of DRC Empumalanga, who had been looking for his children for more than two hours and he apprehended Makhosi.

He surrendered the suspect to the police who charged him with kidnapping. The minors were allegedly kidnapped at around 7AM on Thursday near a tuckshop within their suburb.

Following a tip- off by a neighbour who had seen them being “taken” by the suspect, Mr Ncube teamed up with William and they searched for his children.

A source that only identified himself as Mr Munkuli said the two siblings left their home for Mavi Tuckshop, about 100 metres away from their home to buy some snacks.
“The two tots bought jiggies snacks and on their way home they met the suspect who greeted them. He asked them to accompany him to an unstated destination.

“When the two children refused, the suspect grabbed the younger one and carried him on his shoulders and grabbed the older by hand, dragging him into a nearby bush about two kilometres away from the tuckshop.

“A neighbour’s daughter (10) saw what happened and notified the minor’s mother, Ms Fizhane Shango (33) who then informed her husband,” said the source.
Mr Munkuli said the missing children’s father teamed up with the boy and they embarked on a manhunt.

“Mr Ncube and William parted ways, searching for the minors. At around 9AM, the neighbour’s child spotted the suspect, force marching the minors into a thick bush and he called out their names.

“The suspect stopped and asked the 13-year-old if he knew the victims. He said they were his brothers and the suspect gave them up. The victims’ father arrived at the scene and apprehended the suspect whom he surrendered to police,” he said.

No visible marks or injuries were noted on the victims’ bodies but they were referred to St Patrick’s Mission Hospital for medical examinations.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Chief Inspector Siphiwe Makonese said investigations were underway. Chronicle


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