Thursday, 12 July 2018


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is still processing postal vote applications and malcontents purporting that members of the uniformed forces voted today are bent on causing alarm and despondency ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections.

This was said by ZEC acting chief elections officer Mr Utoile Silaigwana after social media was awash with images of police officers who were said to be casting their ballot.

“This is hogwash and very stupid propaganda because in the first place they have photos of a police officer standing near a ballot box yet with postal voting a voter doesn’t use a ballot box,” he said.

“Postal is an individual who says I am applying for postal voting and he or she is given a ballot paper in an envelope and he returns it sealed. This is cheap propaganda without substance at all. This is coming from a person who doesn’t even understand the process. The pictures they put have nothing to do with postal vote and these people just want cause despondency in the country.”

Over 7 000 people have applied for postal voting and the majority of them are diplomats. According to the law, postal voting is only available to individuals who will be outside Zimbabwe on Government business on the polling day and their spouses. Herald


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