Saturday, 14 July 2018


15:41 – President Mnangagwa concludes his remarks.

15:40 – President Mnangagwa calls for peace and unity among Zimbabweans.
He said as we approach elections, he is happy that the prophetic words from Mutumwa Noah Taguta have assured him victory.
15:36 – President Mnangagwa is now preaching to the crowd.
15:34 – He says Mutumwa Noah Taguta has blessed him and he will follow his instructions. He said his government advocates for free religious freedom and will do everything in its capacity to address challenges faced by Christians.
 President Mnangagwa says has he has not seen a big crowd like the one he is addressing now.
15:31 -He says political leadership at some point comes to an end but religious leadership will be there forever.
“A lot of people yearn to have a prophet like Mutumwa Taguta in their midst.”
15:30 – He says the government is keen to see a prosperous Zimbabwe.
15:28 – He says the last time he met Mutumwa Taguta they gave the church a farm and when the church requested for tractors the government honoured that. He adds that all roads in Marange area are being refurbished.
15:26 – He said the new government wants peace in the country as God cherishes to see his people working together in harmony.
15:25 – He thanked God for allowing him to be at the Mafararikwa Holy Shrine today. His Excellency said he is humbled to be standing in front of the gathering and to be invited by Mutumwa Noah Taguta to attend the Passover.
15:23 – President Mnangagwa now addressing.
 – He said if they identify any church member who supports any opposition party, they will expel that person from the church.
15:02 – The evangelists continue advising the President – one says although they are not active in politics, all members of their church support the government of President Mnangagwa.
14:58 – Another evangelist said whatever Mutumwa Noah Taguta promises will come to pass
14:53 – He said Delilah was too clever and she influenced Samson to fire one of his close aides, but the aide later came back as the leader of the country.
 – He urged President Mnangagwa to go and work hard for the people even though his victory is guaranteed.
14:45 – Another evangelist said one leader whom he will prefer to call Samson once visited the Shrine with his wife whom he will call Delilah. After receiving blessings from Mutumwa Noah, Samson went back and surrendered his power to his wife.
14:35 – Another evangelist said President Mnangagwa has been blessed by attending the Passover.
 He said if President Mnangagwa sticks to the words of Mutumwa Noah he will rule forever.
14:30 – Another evangelist said former President Mugabe failed to listen to the words of Mutumwa Noah and that was the basis of his downfall. He said their church does not allow women to overrule their husbands like what was happening to the former President.
14:27 – Evangelist Abel Chimbadzo says President Mnangagwa’s victory is not certain but guaranteed. He said the President is the Head of State and Government because of God’s will. Sunday Mail


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