Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive, Karikoga Kaseke, yesterday failed to show up for court hearing where he is accused of threatening to assault a female lawyer and poking her while using abusive words.

Magistrate Tracy Muzondo remanded the matter in his absentia to July 10 for trial.
Kaseke’s lawyer applied for postponement of the matter as the summons were delivered late and also stated that his client was not in the country.

The lawyer is also said to have sent a message apologising on behalf of his client.
The State counsel alleges that on July 27 last year, Phillipa Philips was attending a court hearing at High Court where she was representing her client.

Kaseke was the respondent in the matter and he approached Phillipa’s client before telling him that his lawyer was not good enough.

According to the State, Kaseke discouraged Phillipa’s client to engage female lawyers and told him that she was misleading her.
As a result it did no go well with Phillipa.

Phillipa told Kaseke that it was her client’s constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer of his choice but Kaseke then shouted abusive words at the same time poking her.

Kaseke further threatened to assault her before he was restrained. h metro


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