Monday, 30 July 2018


After a 37-year-long rule in Zimbabwe‚ former president Robert Mugabe is upset that the administration of his protégé‚ Emmerson Mnangagwa‚ has not yet paid him his pension‚ which he said amounted to a paltry $467‚000.

Mugabe told journalists invited to his palatial mansion‚ Blue Roof‚ in Harare that reports that he had been paid a $10-million windfall after his fall from power last November were not true.

“So after I had resigned‚ I had to go to the pension office to say ‘what am I entitled to?’. And they said ‘okay‚ we will tell you what your entitlements are and the amount is a total of $467‚000. Yes‚ can you imagine‚ that was the total amount. Some people are talking about $10-million and you are entitled to two houses‚ one here‚ one elsewhere‚” said Mugabe.

His comments take a dig at the claim by Mnangagwa that the former ruler had been given a big retirement package. Mnangagwa has often claimed that Mugabe had received the “best” in terms of a retirement package‚ which includes a salary equivalent to that of a sitting president‚ medical aid an official home and staff whose upkeep is also paid for by the state among other things.

Mugabe also said that he wanted his wife‚ Grace‚ to be left alone and not continuously harassed by the state.

But the bulk of his two-hour long missive was a hint at that he would vote for opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa on Monday because ZANU-PF had caused him too much pain.

Against a backdrop of a small lake on the grounds of his home‚ Mugabe denounced Zanu-PF‚ a party of which he is regarded as one of the founding fathers.

“I cannot vote for those who had reduced me to this condition‚” he said‚ referring to the coup d’etat in November which saw him replaced by former deputy president Mnangagwa. times


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