Friday, 6 July 2018


VICE President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired) yesterday said Government has plans to ensure that unemployed teachers and nurses in the country end up getting employment.

Speaking during a well attended Zanu-PF rally at Nkayi Business Centre in Matabeleland North, VP Chiwenga said the Government is committed to addressing the shortage of teachers at schools in the country.

“In Matabeleland North there are 1 000 qualified teachers who are not employed. We need to address that challenge by recruiting those teachers including trained nurses who are not employed,” he said.
The VP said Government is also aware of poor roads in Nkayi. VP Chiwenga said roads such as the Nkayi-Bulawayo and Kwekwe-Nkayi-Lupane road including bridges will be repaired.

“We will also ensure that Nkayi District Hospital is equipped and address accommodation problems faced by doctors and nurses. We will construct decent houses for the hospital staff as well as ensuring that the mortuary is working,” he said.

“We also want to reduce maternal deaths resulting in from mothers delivering at their homes. We have scrapped maternity fees and children under the age of five don’t have to pay medical fees.”
VP Chiwenga said there is a water shortage in Nkayi district which should be addressed.

“We expect the Gwayi Shangani Dam to be completed by 2019 and this will alleviate water shortages in the province as well as create a greenbelt for Nkayi” said VP Chiwenga.
“We want to fund local pharmaceutical companies so that they manufacture essential drugs for our hospitals rather than solely relying on foreign firms. We hope this will address the problem of drug shortages in our hospitals.”

He said Zimbabweans are one regardless of different cultures and traditions and should remain united in rebuilding the country

“We are a unitary state although with diversified cultures and customs; we are one. Let’s unite and work towards rebuilding our country. Let us desist from violence as we head towards elections,” the VP said.

Meanwhile, VP Chiwenga has called on the people of Binga to rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa and candidates from the ruling Zanu-PF party to end years of suffering in the area.
Addressing a Zanu-PF rally at Manjolo Business Centre in Binga, VP Chiwenga said the new administration under President Mnangagwa has a development programme for all areas in the country including Binga.

“I am here representing our party’s First Secretary President Emmerson Mnangagwa who will visit this place soon. The local chiefs, Zanu-PF leadership and the Provincial Affairs Minister, Cde Mathema, have told me of the problems you are facing here in Binga, “said VP Chiwenga.

“ We ask you to go back to your local candidates so that they work with President Mnangagwa to develop our country. We don’t want Binga to lag behind in terms of development. We are here therefore to ask you to vote for our Presidential candidate President Mnangagwa.

“His vision is for a united Zimbabwe moving together towards the development of our nation. Vote for councillors and representatives that will contribute to effective governance in a devolved system of governance.”

VP Chiwenga said the Binga community has suffered for many years despite close proximity to the Zambezi River.
“Today we say those problems will end,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said the Rural Electrification Agency will embark on a programme to connect the people with electricity.

He said the Hwange Thermal Power Station expansion project will generate more power for the provision of electricity and create more jobs.
VP Chiwenga said Victoria Falls has also been turned into a Special Economic Zone to make it a financial capital.

He said government was working on rehabilitating road networks that connect Binga to Magunje, and also attend to roads in Tinde, Siabuwa, Lusulu and Kariangwe.

“I spoke to the chiefs who called for the opening of a border post between Binga and Zambia and I promised that Government will see to its speedy opening. They also asked that we construct a nursing school here and I’m taking that message to the President,” said VP Chiwenga.

“We will construct a state of the art facility to accommodate locals for training. We will also equip it with medicines to cater for the community. Those who graduated from nursing schools but are still not employed, we will assist so that they are deployed.”

VP Chiwenga said government was also giving people control of the Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme that had been turned into a personal project.

“We say no to that, it was the initiative of the Chiefs for the development of the community and we want it to be like that so it will open soon,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said he was given a list of schools in the area that the community wished could be turned into boarding facilities and Government will soon work on that.
He said Government would also construct laboratory facilities at schools and called for the speedy completion of such facilities at Binga High School.

VP Chiwenga said the country has enough grain reserves to cushion dry areas like Binga.
“We also launched Command Livestock so that dry areas like Matabeleland North where cattle thrive, are catered for,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said the recapitalisation of CSC would promote cattle farmers and open up markets within and outside the country.
Still under Command Agriculture, VP Chiwenga said government is encouraging the utilisation of water bodies for fish farming under Command Fisheries.

He said government will give people from Binga priority in the granting of fishing permits
VP Chiwenga said the mining of lithium is starting soon at Kamativi that would see the country producing batteries adding that Lusulu is rich in coal deposits that should be exploited.
“Let us be united in pursuit of a peaceful nation. We have 23 Presidential candidates for these elections which shows that we have opened up for democracy. Let us uphold that democracy in peace,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said the new dispensation has attracted investment from a number of investors who have committed $16 billion in various sectors of the economy.
“For those investments to be realised we need to be peaceful and united. Let us also shun corruption,” he said. Chronicle


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