Sunday, 8 July 2018


ZIMBABWE’S former lightweight and middleweight boxing champion, Modicai Donga is now a private investigator.

The former super welterweight champion opened a private investigations company, Ludvonga Private Investigators at the beginning of the year as he sought to plug a gap of lack of private investigators in Bulawayo.

Donga retired from boxing in 2011 and has been practising as a lawyer. The former boxing promoter said he was licensed as a private investigator at the beginning of the year by the Ministry of Home Affairs and began operations in March.

“I realised there is a gap in the private investigations section in Bulawayo in particular and the country in general and with my experience as a lawyer and running a security services company, I decided to start offering investigation services. I believe a lot of corruption can be rooted out with the right investigations as these will unearth evidence that can be used to convict culprits that are becoming sophisticated with each growing day,” said Donga.

He said the country had been affected by a lot of underhand dealings but there was difficulty in compiling evidence of the crimes or even discovering the illegal acts.

Donga said some had managed to refine fraudulent activities ensuring they are concealed hence need thorough investigations to unearth them. He said both corporate fraud and insurance fraud were prevalent scourges that needed to be effectively dealt with through covert operations.

Ludvonga offers a wide range of services that also include computer forensics, missing persons tracing, background checks, investigating blackmail, accident scenes, infidelity, domestic, criminal and defence investigations.

Donga also added private prosecutions now offer people effective chances at getting justice and Ludvonga can also assist on that front.

Donga shot to national prominence in April 2004 when he captured the Zimbabwe super welterweight title with a knock-out victory over Edmos Takawira at the Portuguese Restaurant in Harare.

He retired in 2011, nine years after his debut at Raylton Sports Club. Sunday News


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