Friday, 20 July 2018


updates by The Herald
1624: “All 26 seats in Manicaland are coming back to Zanu-PF. All these people will vote for you President. Thanks, President for coming,” she says adding that all the G40 nonsense is a thing of the past in Manicaland.

1617: Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri is now giving the vote of thanks.
It took Israelites 40 years to reach Canaan. So in Zimbabwe, we have been walking towards Canaan for 38 years. But our Canaan is almost here,”
1616: President Mnangagwa has finished his address.
1612: “Corruption disturbs the country ‘s growth. It needs to be addressed. Zimbabwe is now mature. We have nothing to hide and on 30 July we will demonstrate to the world that we have the capacity to hold free, fair and non-violent elections. Besides that one incident in Bulawayo, we have not had any incidence of violence. There is no need for violence, Zanu-PF is a big party. We are going to win. Zanu-PF will continue to rule,”

1556: “We also came together with our war veterans, then met with captains of industry. We agreed that we want all the aspects of the economy to grow again. We have left the idea that Government and private sector do not mix. We introduced Command Agriculture. This is the second year and we will not have issues of hunger,”
1552: “We met 286 Chiefs in Gweru and talked to them as custodians of the country. We introduced them to the new leadership and they agreed to work with the new leadership. Even before independence we never went into communities without talking to the traditional leaders. That will continue because Zanu-PF respects traditional leaders. I also met with all church leaders and also agreed with them. We said they have a huge role of preaching unity among Zimbabweans. That is the culture we want to instill that we work with everyone from traditional leaders to church leaders,”

1547: “Land Commission is going around the country to regularise the land distribution. Those with many farms will be left with one and those with big farms we will downsize them. I always say I am a servant of the people. All these leaders you see here, their authority comes from you. The power of the people becomes the will of God. All these leaders are your servants. You can bring them to book if they misbehave. You are the masters of power. You must always receive respect from your leadership,”
1544: “For the 23 Presidential candidates, Zec decided to use the alphabet. Mnangagwa is way down at number 15 yet Chamisa is right at the top but he is still troubled by me. The past 20 years Zimbabwe was isolated because sanctions were imposed on this country. The Commonwealth did not want us to go ahead with land reform but as Zanu-PF, we chose to go ahead with it so that our people can get their land. That programme is behind us we have our land,”
1541: “There is MDC Alliance led by Chamisa and MDC-T led by Khupe but Alliance is the only party complaining. Zec was not formed by Zanu-PF. Zec is constituted by Parliament. Chamisa was the chairperson of the committee that appointed Zec. Zec does not take orders from anyone. Zec is an independent commission. No political party should give instructions to Zec. We expect Zec to follow the law and comply with the Electoral Act which governs its operations,”
1536: “Zanu-PF accepts everyone. I sat down with party leadership and we discussed issues on where we have come from. The culture of saying bad things about each other is in the past. We want to move forward as one. Zanu-PF does not fit in one man’s pocket or one woman’s handbag but we can all fit in Zanu-PF. We brought democracy to the party. We brought democratic space in the country. We now have 133 political parties in the country but Zanu-PF is everywhere and it has one message of unity. In the forthcoming elections, 55 political parties are contesting and 23 have Presidential candidates,”
1530: “We are the ones who plan the country’s future. We are preaching unity. We are saying this is a new era, a new dawn. Zimbabwe is in good hands. No small party can take charge of this country as long as Zanu_PF is there,”
He says Manicaland has made him proud and commends the numbers that have come out for his rally.
“God in heaven is happy when his people are happy. Churches preach unity, so does Zanu-PF. Noone can write the history of this country without mentioning Manicaland. I am happy that Manicaland has remained true to the party,”
1528: “We thank God that Cde Oppah Muchinguri survived the attack in Bulawayo. We are happy that Cde Mohadi is now back in the country but two other cadres are still critical. Zanu-PF is a party with a history. This is the people’s party,”
1525: President Mnangagwa is now on the podium.


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