Monday, 30 July 2018


MDC-Alliance presidential candidate in today’s harmonised elections Mr Nelson Chamisa has thrown his political career in the deep end after raising a spectre of former President  Robert Mugabe’s second coming in active politics.

This followed his admission on Saturday that he was working with Mr Mugabe who is hated for presiding over the country’s economic meltdown.

The Herald is reliably informed that the alliance which is backing Mr Chamisa’s presidential bid is not comfortable working with Mr Mugabe and is urging its members to spoil presidential ballots or to vote for other candidates.

The white community which acted as the gateway to MDC-T’s international donor funding is also not happy with the Chamisa-Mugabe marriage. Sources close to Mr Chamisa’s grand plan confided that former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe was earmarked to take over as Mr Chamisa’s deputy in the unlikely event that he wins in today’s elections.

“What Chamisa has succeeded in doing through this association with Mugabe is to raise the spectre of Mugabe’s second coming all be it bodily disguised as young Chamisa at the helm and Grace Mugabe as the deputy,” said the source.

“This has raised a formidable backlash within the MDC-Alliance itself with high ranking officials urging their members to vote for MDC-Alliance MPs and councillors but to either spoil their presidential vote or to vote for anyone else. The expectation is that the result will soften Chamisa for an ouster. To complicate matters for the young man, the Western world watched with utter disbelief as the alliance seeks to bring back their worst enemy whom they fought for so many years. Worse when you consider the reaction of the white community here who whilst numerically insignificant, was in fact MDC-T’s bridgehead to Western donors.” Herald


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