Saturday, 23 June 2018


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13:30 – “I now want to address Bulawayo. I know there is an issue of devolution of power that has to be looked at. We must be able to distinguish between decentralisation and devolution of power. Devolution of power is contained in the Constitution. We have an organ which is called the provincial councils which devolves power to the provinces. Currently our provincial ministers were political but now it has changed. Provincial ministers are now focusing on the economy. The Provincial minister should now ensure that the GDP of that province grows.

“Then again we have CSC. We have secured a foreign investor who is channeling US$100 million to revive CSC. To support the CSC yesterday we handed over 1660 livestock to livestock farmers in Matabeleland South Province. That is empowering our youths and women. We also have Command Fisheries, those with ponds you can talk to Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri to give you fish to breed.”
13:20 – “In terms of infrastructure we are working on dualisation of Beitbridge-Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road. With regard to NRZ, we have begun the process of refurbishing and modernising our railway line and have secured $400 million for this project. It takes time to manufacture these wagons but we have already made the necessary orders. On Thursday we conclude the modernisation of the Beitbridge border post.
We are also working on implementing the one stop border post with Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula Border Post. As we intend to industrialise we must have energy so that in that regard we concluded Kariba South rehabilitation which added 300 megawatts to the national grid. We need more electricity. We are also developing Batoka Gorge.”
13:12 – “We must create wealth and ensure that in 12 years we will be a middle income country. To do so we need to have enablers. What must we do to achieve this goal? We can divide our economy in to agriculture, mining, tourism, ICT and manufacturing.
“We have social services, education and health. We need service delivery to our people in rural and urban areas. For all our challenges we must have specific programs to deal with them. We were given US$100 million by China to fund small scale mining projects. We must no longer call them amakorokoza but small scale miners.
“We need decent jobs, empowerment and free ourselves from poverty and fight corruption. We must create wealth and make sure that we become a middle income population.”
13:05 – “This gathering is Zanu-PF gathering so I say let us go win the elections so we continue to lead because we are leaders. We need to win the election. For the first time in history we have invited worldwide observers. We have opened the gates. Zimbabweans show your maturity and warmth to the visitors that are coming.
“This party is bigger than any individual. We don’t need any violence at all; we need an untainted thunderous victory. We have invited over 46 countries to observe our elections. Let’s show them that we are politically mature and peaceful.”
13:02 – “I then met war vets who were responsible for liberating this country. They all agreed that we need peace and unity for stability. Recently I met all the children in Harare under the umbrella of the child parliament. The last group is our students across the board. I also visited our peers in the SADC to tell them that there is change in Zimbabwe.
“Fortunately there was also Davos, where all leaders of the first world converge to discuss nothing but wealth. So I said the voice of Zimbabwe must be heard in this forum where the biggest voices of wealth gathered and the voice of Zimbabwe dominated.
“We then went to AU in Ethiopia where we told them that there is change in Zimbabwe. In our foreign policy we are seeing what is key is to engage and reengage. In domestic issues let’s focus in the Zimbabwe we want.”
12:55 – “Upon my inauguration I made a promise that my job is to put economic issues ahead of political issues. We agreed that Zimbabwe is open for business. But before I explain what we mean by this mantra it is important to accept a few facts of life. This region has produced icons and revolutionaries. I will mention just a few of them, Father Zimbabwe, former VP Joshua Nkomo, JZ Moyo, General Alfred Nikita Mangena, General Lookout Masuku and many others. So we must continue to remember that many people sacrificed their lives for this country.
When we said Zimbabwe is open for business we sat and thought where we start. The first we did was to meet all the traditional chiefs in our country. This is so because the chiefs own the land where they govern and each one of us can trace who our chief is. The second step is we met the churches noting that there is a God above.
“And these two groups agreed that peace and unity is necessary in the country. Having done this it was now necessary to address wealth matters. That is why I then called all captains of commerce and industry. We told them that we need to create wealth.”
12:42 – “When I called Mugabe he said is this Emmerson I said yes, he then asked where I was and I was like old man you forgot that you fired me. I am in South Africa. He said no no I didn’t fire you, he even offered me residence in his house but I told him that the people surrounding him wanted me dead.”
12:38 – “Before I address you today, I want to remind you what happened on 4 November last year. You all remember what happened. I had no hand in the booing of the former First Lady however I was accused of sponsoring the booing. Those events created subsequent events that brought in the New Dispensation.
“After being insulted I thanked the former First Lady for insulting me. The former President then told me that I will be fired the following day and it happened like that. You all know what happened till 18 November. When I escaped to South Africa I called the former President in the middle of the nation’s protests.
“It touched my heart that everyone participated in the demonstrations including political parties, religious bodies and civic organisations.”
12:33 – President Mnangagwa now addressing…


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