Wednesday, 27 June 2018


A BULAWAYO woman is demanding lobola before giving her daughter’s ex-lover custody of his child.

Mrs Josephine Zulu approached the Maintenance Court demanding $90 from Ancelecious Kanjala for the upkeep of her grandson aged 12 years old.

The woman’s daughter, who is Kanjala’s ex-lover, now resides in South Africa. “He impregnated my daughter. Since 2006 when the child was born I have stayed with the child.

“My daughter is in South Africa and she left her child in my care. He has contributed nothing financially towards the child’s upkeep,” she said.

“Right now the child’s school is suing me for $800 school fees arrears. Where will I get that kind of money? I gathered that he is working in Dubai. I am demanding $90 for the upkeep of my grandson.”
Kanjala offered $50 for the upkeep of his son.
He said he was unemployed and when he demanded custody of the child, Mrs Zulu demanded lobola.
“I have been giving my mother money to pay for the child’s school fees, the receipts are there at the school.

“I am unemployed. I only went to Dubai to look for a job and I came back because I didn’t manage to find the job. I will try and raise $50 for the upkeep of my son. I told her to give me custody of the child but she demanded I should pay lobola.

“In other words I will be marrying her daughter,” he said. Bulawayo magistrate Mr Usheunesu Matova ordered Kanjala to pay $70 for the upkeep of his son. Chronicle


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