Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Last weekend serves to remind us all that we still have people in our midst who will stop at nothing to shed innocent blood through deadly violence. I wrote earlier about my shock and sadness at the violence that took place in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia where there were separate attempts to assassinate the leaders of those countries. Dozens of people were wounded.

During the same weekend, some 200 innocent Nigerians were murdered in clashes between communities in Plateau State in central Nigeria. To be honest, I personally was not aware of it for two days.  I was deeply and profoundly saddened by the news. My heartfelt condolences to all the bereaved families. 

We must all work tirelessly to find peace.

It is unfortunate (in my humble opinion) that FIFA and the Nigerian Football Federation did not bring awareness to such a terrible tragedy by allowing players to wear black armbands and offering a minute of silence. It is important to remember at all times the sanctity of life.

Every day I start my prayer with Leah Sharibu. It is not that she is the only one who is being held by terrorists in Nigeria, but she is a point of contact. I have a picture of her which reminds me she is a year younger than my youngest daughter. 

#DontForgetLeah and others facing the same plight.

They should be watching the beautiful game with us, but they are not... via Facebook


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