Wednesday, 27 June 2018


updates by the zbc
1350: Programme comes to an end. That brings us to the end of our live updates. Thank you.

1348: ZESA Holdings Board chairman Dr Herbert Murerwa is now on the podium to give a vote of thanks.

1341: It is time for photo sessions with the President.

1337: President Mnangagwa conducts the ground breaking ceremony and unveils the plaque at the expansion site.

1334: President Mnangagwa ends his address by commenting on the Hwange elevation to municipal status request- ED says he will dispatch the Minister of Local Government Cde July Moyo to ensure that request comes to fruition.

1332: ED urges financial accountability by ZESA, ZPC and partners during the execution of the project

1331: Govt remain committed to the construction of the Batoka Hydro Power Project

1330: Govt is incurring a huge import bill, hence increasing internal generation capacity is critical.

1329: Challenged business to seek mutually beneficial and sustainable development in the communities they operate in.

1326: The project will create 3000 jobs, including in downstream industries. In the area of jobs, ZESA urged to give priority to the local people.

1325: Govt stands ready to facilitate foreign investment, and urged local companies to engage in joint ventures and partnerships.

1323: Electricity is key to revival of “our industries”. With adequate power, hunger “shall never again visit Zimbabwe.”

1322: Reiterated that devolution of power is on the cards and provinces will be required to come up with strategies of developing their areas.

1321: ED says supply of sustainable power is a key requisite of development. Commended minister Mathema for outlining several projects underway in Mat North.

1320:  “Our cooperation with the people of china has reached another level that of comprehensive and strategic scope of partnership,” said ED.

1318: Recent unfortunate event in Byo will not deter government from modernising the country. Assured Zimbabweans that they remain safe and to investors the country is open for business.

1316: This project comes after the commissioning of the Kariba South Project which added 300mw to the national grid. This project signals the govt’s resolve to develop the country.

1312: President Mnangagwa now on the podium to deliver his address.

1311: Minister Moyo introduces the President and asks him to deliver his keynote address.

1302: Energy and Power Development Minister Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo now giving his remarks. 1600mw is the weekly demand for electricity. The country is being forced to import to offset the deficit. Power is imported using hard currency. The expansion project will be a means to achieve import substitution and ensure power security.

1258: “As a brother, China is confident that Zimbabwe is capable of conducting free, fair and credible elections this year,” says Mr Huang. Says 2018 is a historic year and important year for Zimbabwe as the country goes to the polls. Hails the successful state visit to China by President Mnangagwa. Envisages the enhancing of relations between Zimbabwe and China.

1257:  Mr Huang says the project is one of the biggest single power project to be instituted in Africa. Appreciated the President’s visit to China which culminated in the concluding of the Hwange deal whose ground breaking is being conducted today.

1251: Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping now giving his remarks. Says China stands in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. Condemns political violence perpetuated at White City stadium last Saturday at Zanu PF rally. Hails President Mnangagwa for his commitment to peace, quoting him when he said, “the best response to violence is peace.”

1247: It is time for a brief entertainment. Dance group dances to “Venenzia” by the late sungura musician Leonard Dembo.

1241: The President of Syno Hydro Mr Liang Jun is now on the podium  to give his remarks. Says the construction period will be 42 months. Each of the 2 units will provide 300mw, giving a total of 600mw to be added to the national grid.

1235: Time for Nkumi Nechinyanga, a poet

1226: Lovemore Banda the Master of Ceremonies requests the Minister of State for Mat North Cde Cain Mathema to give his welcoming remarks. He speaks about various government projects that are currently underway in Mat North. Says these projects will enhance development of various sectors while also creating employment and empowering young people.

1118: Chinese company, Syno Hydro won the tender to do the expansion project. It is the same firm that built generator 7 and 8 at the Kariba South Hydro Power Expansion Project commissioned in March this year.

1117: The expansion project, on completion, will see Unit 7 and 8 bringing in an additional 600 megawatts into the national grip.


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