Sunday, 10 June 2018


As the freedom train roars across Zimbabwe, there will be every effort by the junta to use scare tactics to deceive you, do not easily believe.

When they said Chamisa lost in court you panicked, when they said Chamisa wrote to Mnangagwa for GNU again you panicked.

Now they say Grace Mugabe wants to be VP in Alliance I see you panicked. Friends if Mnangagwa abused Grace’s name to chase Mujuru from ZANUPF then used Grace’s name to justify a coup then do not be surprised when he uses Grace’s name to try to steal voters from MDC Alliance.

As far as we know Grace Mugabe retired from active politics and she is not coming anywhere near the Alliance.

Fear not Zimbabwe, our eyes are firmly on the prize as we criss-cross Zimbabwe, expect worse things because these are the people who brought you Ari Ben Menashe and tried to send away Morgan Tsvangirai for treason. Remain steadfast, musacheuke semukadzi waLot.

Keep singing to promises of SMART our economic revival policy, tell rural communities that DURA is here which will make rural agriculture easier, every village a tractor, no more hard labour of using hoes to till the land, tell the hopeful that we want to take them to the next level through Transformation Opportunities & Properity (TOP).

Do not be scared, look forward, do not seek sideshows otherwise you will argue with ghost accounts, use that time to reach out to the rural folks who need to hear the gospel of change.

The voters roll is coming out soon, it is key for Free, Fair and Credible elections, you have your part to play in making it genuine.

Keep listening as we will give you instructions on how to play your part. This freedom is for everyone, all hands on deck. It is not exclusive to MDC members but every Zimbabwe is a war veteran for freedom. #StrongerTogether


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