Friday, 1 June 2018


President Mnangagwa says victory is certain for Zanu-PF in the forthcoming elections and has urged foreign investors to grab business opportunities presented by the new dispensation.

He said nothing was going to change after the July 30 harmonised elections but warned Zanu-PF members to be wary of deliberate acts of provocation by political failures who already knew their fate in the coming elections.

Addressing his first rally in Mashonaland West at Pfupajena Stadium in Chegutu yesterday, President Mnangagwa reiterated party members should preach the gospel of peace and unity.

He said Zanu-PF had resolved the forthcoming elections should be held in a free and fair environment.

“Right now we are moving around preaching the gospel of peace and development,” he said.

“Fortunately, wherever we are going, we are getting warm reception. The investment that we are receiving in this country right now is not only coming from the East, but from across the whole world.  Some are coming to make arrangements and say we will come immediately after elections but we said those who want to be early birds go ahead  because things are not going to change, so why should we fight with puppies. Let them bark and continue to bark,.

Hakuna chichashanduka. Zanu-PF is in power and will continue to be in power.

“We have said and I have said we want free, fair, non-violent and credible elections in Zimbabwe. Wherever we are going for meetings, there is always a massive turnout in all provinces. So why should we bother with sideshows by some small parties? Regai zvivukure imi mobatana toenda nemaprogramme. We should not waste time on useless people. Hakuna musha ungashaikwa mapenzi. Tinawo asi ndeedu. Vakatituka nyararai mongoita basa. We want a peaceful election and then move forward.” 

He said Zanu-PF was the only party in Zimbabwe with a defined history of bringing independence.

President Mnangagwa urged people to vote for Zanu-PF in the forthcoming polls to preserve the country’s legacy.

“Zanu-PF ndomusangano une nhoorondo. Unoziva kuti takatambura sei kuti tisvike nhasi pano patiri. Zvinozivikanwa nevatungamiri veZanu-PF, zvinozikanwa nemembership yeZanu-PF, zvinozivikanwa nechembere iri kumusha. Mwana mudiki ngaafundiswe zvekare kuti nyika yakasunguka ichisunungurwa neZanu-PF. (It is only Zanu-PF and its members including the elderly in the rural areas who know the struggles the country went  through to bring about the freedom we are enjoying today. The young should be taught how Zanu-PF liberated the country)

“Zanu-PF ndoiri kutonga muno muZimbabwe. Saka kana iwe uri muZimbabwean ah wambonwa doro rakadii kusarudza kuva nevatongwi usingagare nevanotonga vari muZanu-PF?,” he said. (Zanu-PF is the ruling party so why choose to be with those out of power instead of being with those ruling?)

Commenting on the re-engagement drive by the new dispensation, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe had thawed previously frosty relations with Britain.

He said the relationship was already bearing fruit after the United Kingdom, through its finance institution, CDC, extended a US$100 million loan facility to Zimbabwean companies.

“Thirty minutes after we were sworn in, we received an envoy (Rory Steward) from British Prime Minister Theresa May seeking diplomatic rapprochement. He asked for areas where the British could assist     and I said I don’t have a Cabinet yet and I will invite you once I set up my Cabinet,” said President Mnangagwa.

“They have come about three times now and we have outlined areas where we want them to assist. I sent my Foreign Affairs (and International Trade) Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo to talk to them. We are agreeing with them that you once wronged us and that should not be repeated. So far, through the CDC, they have sent us US$100 million for business.”

The Chegutu rally was attended by the Zanu-PF leadership including the two Vice Presidents Dr Constantino Chiwenga and Cde Kembo Mohadi and other senior party members. Herald


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